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Kx85 starts then dies but will start again

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Kx85 starts up runs good, dies when throttled hard. plug looks oily one opinion was crankcase oil getting through. I am still thinking jetting took carb off everything is where it should be, I think? (138-42-2clicks down and 1-3/8 turn) we live western wa under1000" . Now I am thinking the jetting is not right for the low temperature we have been having exept all my bikes have no problems just my nephews 2 stroke. Are 2 strokes more temperamental to temp change? (pro circuit exhaust stock air filter)

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if the last time it ran, it ran perfectly fine, you have a dirty carb.

Start there, if anything, with colder temps the bike will run real crisp, not die out on you.

Team green specs are here: You're not far off from theirs, 140, 138 - not that much of a difference, TG likes to run a little leaner for more power and response...you pilot screw seems fine at 1-3/8 too...


Still leaning towards the carb needing a good cleaning.

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How are the crank seals?

What shape are the reed valves in?

Does it have enough compersion?

Is it sparking strong enough?

Has the air filter been cleaned?

What of the gas is it still last years gas?

Is the carb gummed up with crap? or is it clean?

As for the cold weather screwing with the jeting, it's going to make the bike run leaner. Beacuase cold air as more oxygen in it.

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