98 yz125 all cleaned up

hey guys, figured i would share some pics of my 125.

where it sits in these pictures is at about 90 percent where i want it.

this was my first fullsize bike and the bike that sparked my love for 2 strokes.

i actually found some pictures of it the day i brought it home in 2003 for comparisons sake.

any how i know you guys like pictures so here they are :thumbsup:












Nice bike. I really like the red plates.

What made you ditch the glide things for the fork protectors?

no real specific reason, old ones were pretty beat up.

like i said theres a few small things here and there i still want to do,

those being one of them.

thanks for the comments.

How did you get that engine so clean, it looks brand new!

while i had the motor apart for a new crank i took all the bearings out,

and then bolted the cases together with nothing in side.

if i remember right i think he used glass to blast it.

the bike also has the athena factory hi comp kit on it, ive finally go that thing dialed in, that was a nightmare chasing jetting due to the switch to race fuel.

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