gas type? 03 crf450r

hi, i just recently bought a 2003 crf450r in great condition. id like to know what would happen if i ran like a mix of 93 premium pump gas and 87 pump gas? i didnt have much gas in my tank so i used some of my dads 87. (he rides a 2002 yz250f and he runs 87 pump) i just want to know what or if i should be expecting something. thanks a billion!


Being that the '03 has a lower compression piston, you could probably get away with an 87-93 blend.

If you hear a knocking noise when you get on the throttle, you'll know the octane is too low, and you'll want to stop riding (or baby it back)

I bought new a 03 that not that year makes any differance and have ran all grades of gas with no noticeable differance but I usually run premium and I have a 12.5 to 1 piston

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