NCHSA Harescramble


Helmet Cam from Unlimited 12+. Bottle Neck is at the 3:20 mark.

Man thats the best looking trail ive ever seen it looks smooth. Looked like alot of fun.

I was one of the first to hit the bottleneck, there was no place to go around.I can usually find a way around, by the time I got goin again everybody behind me made a new line through the woods, so I was way way behind. So I thought, just make time and just do the best I can and maybe I can gain a couple positions by the end of the race. There were more bottlenecks. I came around to scoring and was leading my class and I think I said out loud "How did I do that?" I keep saying after the race that was crazy. But it's all good:confused::thumbsup:

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