'09 kx450f front brake rotor play??

Has anyone heard of any problems with the '09 KX450f front brake rotors? A friend of mine has one and the rotor is actually moving circularly on its own. Its almost of if the hollow rivets that hold the inner and outer part of the rotor together has come loose. It does have some play side to side, but so does mine on my '08 klx450r. The main movement is front to back, or during the spinning of the wheel.

my 07 did the same thing. those little rivets that hold the inner and outer part of the rotor will eventually start wearing out. they are supposed to have a little play that way it doesnt break your rotor if you bump a rock or something, it just doesnt need too much play. i just replaced my rotor with too much play with a new wave rotor

That's called a 'floating rotor system' and it's supposed to move.

The inserts wear out, and need replacing.

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