wheelie threw the gears.

Can any one ride one threw the gears, and what is the fastest and longest wheelie you have road? :):D :D

I am not as good at wheelies as i'd like to be, but the bike sure as hell is! Im sure a more talented rider with plenty of room could ride a wheelie into 4th for sure, even inot fifth. im still stuck not being good enough to shift while riding a wheelie, but i have been able to do power wheelies in fourth gear with a little effort, and in third with no effort other than twist and hang on for dear life. only crashed once doing that tho, third gear, near the top, up and over.

I 2nd the 3rd gear wheelie up and over. Happened to me for the 1st time last week. Wasn't fun, but the bike wasn't hurt, and neither was I. I also think someone more talented than I could start off in 1st, and shift all the way through 5th while riding a wheelie.

I have done 2nd to 3rd to 4th I know for sure. Its a favorite time waster going down gravel roads. 1st to 2nd is a little tough just because 1st winds out so quick you really have to ease into 2nd or over you'll go. This is by far the easiest bike to wheelie. I can also get this baby up in fifth gear but you need to have it up in the revs pretty far or it just can't lug itself up. That of course means you are doing about 70mph :D My girlfriend was beside me in a passing lane on a pavement road and said she was doing 80mph and my front wheel was still in the air!! It didn't seem like that fast but she's the one with the speedometer. I love this bike :)

I usually pull up in 3rd or 4th and shift to 4th then 5th. If I do it just right, I can ride it out in top gear. I've probably ridden a wheelie a 1/2 mile or so. At this altitude, when you shift into the higher gears, you need to be balanced just right or it comes down in top gear. I switched to YZ timing and that helped a lot with the extra power.

My buddy has an XR650R and can ride them for at least a mile. He pulls up in 3-4th gear and takes off. We were screwing around on the street and he set down at about 80 after at least a mile and the front was going so much faster that he left a 10' black mark on the pavement as white smoke poured off the tire. It was so cool to watch.

I fully agree with the back brake issue. Keep your foot on it at all times so if you get in trouble, you can come forward right away versus going over backwards.

I'm just starting to practice going through the gears when I wheelie. I'm on a 250 so it's a bit different. I pop them in 2nd or 3rd, then just hit the shifter without the clutch. I usually am in a throttle down mode to make sure I don't loop. You guys looping out should be practicing with the rear brake so you don't go over. It's tough to get used to, but it's better than landing on your butts or worse, going fast enough that when your feet come down, you don't get dragged into a 40mph faceplant losing your palms, knees, and anything else.

I'd say the longest wheelie I have ridden would be about 1.5 - 2 miles on a dry lake in CA. You can go in any direction which means not having to avoid trees, rocks, or the curbs along roads. I can avoid some obstacles, but the faster you go, the harder it is to counter steer quickly. I think my friend clocked me at 35mph in 3rd on my XR200. He also tortured his 2nd gear on his DR200 doing 50mph! OUCH! :D He didn't know how to shift and I was next to him in 6th gear. :):D I'm sure I've at leat hit 50+ on my DR650s in 3rd. Low speed wheelies are harder as you need real good throttle control, higher speed balanced wheelies is like being in cruise control usually requiring nothing more than a blip now and then if you hit a small bump.

That was my goal when I got the bike. I can do it sitting or standing now. I usually go about 1/4 to a 1/2 mile while going through the gears. I live in a farm community and practice down every road I hit. I also live at high altitude so Im not able to pull the wheel up in 4th.

I usually loft it when shifting to 2nd. My best one was on I-405 heading north through Kirkland. Once I got it into 5th, I was able to keep it up for a total of about a half a mile. I got 3 :) from bikers heading the opposite way. Wheelies make everybody smile! :D, except the local constabulary :D

i powerwheelie in 4th first to see if i can get a bigger head start if not i just wheelie in 3rd until i hit the red line... lean back and roll off shift into 4th with no clutch keep it running a little faster then once im in 5th gear it seems like it lasts for ever... i found the best place to do them in socal is on the 395 by randsburg all the people in the cars are like :) lots of fun :D

I think we have a stock throttle stop and an airbox lid in the way of a few wheelies here, what do you guys think?

FFS everyone talking about Wheelies here and I can't even lift the front of my WR.

I used to ride a KLX 650 before this and the thing was top heavy, never was able to. Lifting the WR is easy while on whoops etc, but on a plain gravel road? Won't work :)


Dude, any bike can be wheelied no matter how top heavy (Doug Domokos did it on a fully dressed Harley) :) . I'm sure my DR650s with 5.5 gallon tank and mini fairing was a tad top heavier than your KLX, and It would come up into 3rd, even with gearing meant for 120mph speeds.

Where are you sitting on the bike? Are you relying upon throttle only? That shouldn't matter either. I have the WR250 and I can sit ON the tank and gas it hard in first and the thing will power wheelie (and would loop out) if I don't chop the throttle. It will also pull 2nd and 3rd easily. Doing 4th gear requires some clutch or hitting a dip (with a slight bar tug) to cruise them in 4th. There is no reason a 450 shouldn't be able to pop the front end up with just a throttle blip.

Are you trying to do wheelies from a stop? That's the worst way to do them. The front tire needs to be rotating for you to balance properly.

Here is a pic of me riding a wheelie across an iced over river.


Okay, so maybe it isn't me, but talk about difficult.

This year, I took on stand-up wheelies as one skill that I was going to get better at. I can do sit-down wheelies through the gears, but stand up wheelies just do it for me, so I have been working very hard on them. Just ask the local authorities. :D

I find that body position AND throttle control are very important.

I can still grab a couple of gears while standing, but honestly, I have real good luck with simply "bouncing" up and down on the pegs while just getting into 5th. Then I "blip" the throttle, and the front end will come right up. A little body english to get the front end up to the "balance point" and then it is all throttle control.

I feel pretty confident in saying that I can pull them for 1/4 to a 1/2 mile. (Some of my BETTER friends tell me they are farther, but you all know how CONSERVATIVE I am.)


LEGALIZE IT! (Wheelies that is!)

When I was in the army, I'd drive through Barstow on my XT350, I was constantly dancing around on the back tire. I'm talking almost every road. The standing wheelies aren't my thing. I just haven't tried them enough. That's what my old XT125 was for, PRACTICE!

Just slide your butt way back on the seat and lean foreward a little. I had alot of trouble at first, but I was so afraid of looping out I was practically on the gas cap. :D

Then my buddy just kept telling me to scoot back, back, back. Walla, now they are no problem. Look at SBG picture you can see what I mean by leaning into it. I am still working on shifting, but one step at a time. :)

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