WRE running problem, help greatly needed and appreciated!

Hi all,

Got myself a 2008 WRE 125 a few months back and it had proven to be a very good bike until today, and has baffled me as to what the problem could be!

Was riding this afternoon with no problems at all and the bike suddenly cut out at approx 30mph, so I tried bumping it whilst it still had momentum, the bike started but was running at much lower revs than tickover and the revs wouldnt budge with throttle.

Its got good compression, a good spark plug, Ive cleared out the carb and checked all jets as i thought it could be fuel starvation. Still no joy!!

Here are some vids to show the problem...


Many thanks!!

Check your reeds yet?

Hi there,

Yes i checked the reeds along with all of the obvious things first, with no reward...

So i thought it might be worth checking the woodruff key hadnt sheared, even though i was told by a husqvarna dealer this wouldnt be the case. I took off the side cover and removed the stator, to see the woodruff key had sheared, so the timing must have knocked itself out!! was very confusing as i would have thought this would cause it to slip and run all over the shop, but it seemed to be very constant in the way it was running.

Thanks for the reply

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Good find. Was heading to that area next.

Here is the culprit! Anybody know what grade steel is used to make these?? Thanks


Here is the culprit! Anybody know what grade steel is used to make these?? Thanks


Hi , they are tough..NOT hard,

if you haven't got a local bike shop, a lawnmower or agricultural supplies place should have them,

only a couple of quid probably..Take the old bits as a sample!

years ago we bought a Kawasaki 80 street bike (AE80) and it had sheared it's key , it started first kick , but just idled..exactly the same as yours.

should cure all your probs,


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