WRE running problem, help greatly needed and appreciated!

Hi all,

Got myself a 2008 WRE 125 a few months back and it had proven to be a very good bike until today, and has baffled me as to what the problem could be!

Was riding this afternoon with no problems at all and the bike suddenly cut out at approx 30mph, so I tried bumping it whilst it still had momentum, the bike started but was running at much lower revs than tickover and the revs wouldnt budge with throttle.

Its got good compression, a good spark plug, Ive cleared out the carb and checked all jets as i thought it could be fuel starvation. Still no joy!!

Here are some vids to show the problem...


Many thanks!!

Have you measured the compression with a compression tester? Or are you going by the feel on the kickstarter. IMHO, it seems like a worn top-end to me, but that usually builds up gradually.

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