Removing head and barrel

Is it possible to remove the cylinder head and barrel from an 02 WR250 without removing the engine from the frame.

Maybe, but everything would have to be pristine clean, and I think it might be difficult to get the head off and head bolts out past the frame. All you have to do is pull the swingarm bolt, head stay, front mount bolts and oil lines. You can have it on your well lit work bench in 15 min if you're slow. Its much easier to set up the valves on the bench, and I think a lot less time consuming. The nice part is the motor is in the 50lb range, that's about 25kg for you, and it's easy to manipulate, or much less so than say an XR400 mill. Plus you can clean the frame up while its out and make the whole install look good when you're done. It's the professional way to do it.

I have had my head and cylinder off at least 15 times. There is absolutely no need to remove the motor completely from the bike, that's a waste of work

Thanks for the replies, :thumbsup:

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