wiring for dual sport kit

Hey guys, hope someone can help me. I ordered a dual sport kit from dualsportamerica.com, and have begun installing it...the instructions never came, but it's not rocket science...the only thing I can't figure out is the rear brake switch with the supplied LED light. I have the hydraulic switch installed in the rear brake, but just need to know where to go from there. Does anyone have experience with this kit, or better yet, the installation instructions that could send them to me...I wish that someone from DSA would get back to me. :thumbsup:

I will draw a quick diagram of how it should look for you and post it. You need power going to one lead of the tail light and the other power lead going to the switch, then run a wire from the switch to the open lead on the tail light and it should work.


Hope that is what you are talking about. I have no idea what switch or anything that you are using specifically but I wired my own kit up. Have taken some courses on electricity though I am no expert.

If this does not work then you should be able to just switch the wires from the switch around because it may work with a diode though I don't know how. A diode only allows current to pass in one direction. So just take the switch wires and reverse them, hope that make sense, if not let me know.

Good luck, you will need it. I have heard not but nightmares regarding that company. Do a search on 'DSA' 'Dual Sport America' or one of Lee's other company names. Once they have your money, they will never answer a single email or phone call except with profanity.

I believe he is right. Though I've never purchased from him I did call them and they were real jerks on the phone. No advice unless you buy from them either. Whoever I talked to just wanted off the phone unless I was buying something. Wouldn't buy from them again.

yeah I'm starting to get the same impression...There is no battery on the xr250 so what is the best place to get the + from? I was thinking about tapping into the primary filament power wire and running that to the switch. That would work right? and again, thanks for the help since Lee is none whatsoever!

I set up a trail tech regulator rectifier for mine. For yours if the tail light is LED you have no choice but to hook up DC power. The bike will produce AC by the way. LED will only run on Direct Current (DC). You can think of DC as a straight horizontal line while Alternating Current (AC) is a Sine wave (will go up and down alternating between positive and negative). A diode requires a certain amount of power to be activated, we'll say .7v since this is generally correct. AC does not always produce a positive .7v meaning the diode will shut off some of the time which depending on the Hz a bike produces (this I don't know, but I imagine it depends on rpms) will make it flicker fairly quickly. That is why AC will not work. Figure everyone should know a little about it if you didn't, if you did then perhaps someone else will benefit from it.

Now if you want a battery you can charge you will need to take a rectifier that will allow positive through. It is ideal to get one that will take the positive and convert the negative to positive as well (bridge or full wave rectifier in case you were wondering). You then need a regulator so that if there is a spike the regulator will eat the extra voltage and turn it into heat or perhaps store it. Trail tech makes a dandy unit for 35 that will do both of these. Plus wiring instructions are online and easy to get to. Just hook up from the stator wires (mine were both yellow) and follow their directions and you are good to go.


Now if you are running incandesant bulbs then you don't need the stuff up top. Do watch your voltage consumption. At idle the head light will probably not work while the signal, tail light, and brake light are all on. Other wise you are good to go with that line of thought. Use 18 ga. or 16 ga. wire for the best results, and stranded wire as well. Good luck.

Shoot me a pm if this not clear in any way, happy to help in anyway possible.

Ok well I tried to hook the led light up and got it to turn on with the bikes power so yeah...idk

Interesting. But no big deal. Glad it works for you buddy. Perhaps the bike produces DC power and I didn't know that.

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