Stator and Starter clutch LocTite fix question

how do i keep it from spinning when removing the bolts?!

im pressed for time and thought id get a faster responce from someone on here thanks for the help

you need a 26mm socket to hold it. as described in the faq

should be able to back the bolts out by putting the bike in first gear. You don't have to pull the flywheel. clean the threads of all oil with acetone or denatured alchohol before putting the loctite on. The loctite has to be able to bond with the flywheel threads and bolt threads or you are waisting your time. You can reuse the stator cover gasket also.

I used a 15/16" SAE wrench to hold the flywheel as I didnt have a 26mm handy.

Strange, i used a 17mm on the center nut, and put it in gear. Also i used a cordless drill with a 5mm hex head for the flywheel bolts that need the locktite. Just did it this morning.

as long as the the 17mm nut stayed put, that is for removing the flywheel and useing that is not recommended for some reason, i think so you dont take the chance of loosening it...

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