Looking for North Kitsap riding buddies


Greetings - this riding season I get to play with a new bike - '09 CR450X!

Anyway I live in the Hood Canal area with quite a bit of riding around including up to Sand Hill in Sequim, all the way down to Tahuya State Forest.

I'm 52, and have been riding dirt bikes most of my life and am pretty comfortable riding just about anywhere.

Last year I sold my XR650L so dual sport is out until I get another!

Looking for riding partners for weekends up in the trails.

Anyone interested let's talk...



I live in Poulsbo (closer to Kingston)... so we are close to each other.

I am 42 and been riding forever, mostly motocross... but trail ride as well.

Let me know when you are heading somewhere and I will see about meeting up!


Sent PM.

I live about a quarter mile from mission creek trailhead, any time you want to ride tahuya, let me know.

Im in Port Orchard, i try and ride every week...

A quick thanks to the guys who responded. Looks like this is going to be a fun summer of riding. Let the fun begin.



west kitsap, I ride occasionally

I ride in belfair/tahuya alot. probably going this next weekend. Let me know if you're interested in meeting up

Funny Bill!

west kitsap, I ride occasionally
west kitsap, I ride occasionally


west kitsap, I ride occasionally

Derned if it weren`t for that sleep requirement. :smirk:

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