changing fork spring in a 2011 crf450

I am picking up my 2011 CRF450 this weekend and at 175lbs I'm thinking about changing out the fork springs to .48. I've took apart my old showa forks on my CR250 but not familiar with the KYB stuff. It is as simple as taking the fork cap off and taking one spring out and putting in another? I'd apreciate any info, thanks!

Almost all of the twin chamber forks come apart the same. Loosen the cap, pour out the outer chamber oil, put it back. Loosen the rebound clicker at the bottom, collapse the fork, put the retainer on (13mm wrench works) take the rebound clicker off the damper rod and carefully collapse the fork again and take the damper out the top. The spring is under neath. Literally, its a 10 minute thing.

Rocky Mountain ATV has some great videos on taking apart the dual chamber Forks.

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Ride it first before you go changing things. The Honda owners manual is a great guide.

Thanks for the tips guys!

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