Countershaft Sprocket Play for TTR125L

Does anyone know if it's okay to have a few millimeters of play laterally in the countershaft sprocket? I just took it off to clean it for the first time, then put it back on and there is really know way to tighten it. You put the sprocket on, then you put the washer and turn it until it matches up with the holes in the sprocket then you bolt it to the sprocket. The washer fitting in the groove is all that holds it on. It's not a tight fit and there is a few millimeters of play so that the sprocket can move from side to side slightly.


I did a search with the same question and it seems to be normal. Mine has an awful lot of play in it, but it's done fine for 2 hard rides pulling an adult.

Thanks, that's what I was hoping.

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