TE250. Inlet valve clearance rapidly growing!

Hi all. New member here from UK. I've an early (04/5) 250 that's done about 8000 miles with no issues. Just changed oil/filters. No shimming, no nothing. Very pleased considering rep of early models.

But... now one inlet valve gap has gone up from .15mm to .30mm since last check. No visible wear on shim, valve stem end or cam lobe. Runs as well as ever, but obviously getting a bit noisy. Anyone had a similar problem? Could be the rocker finger I s'pose, but haven't pulled it out yet. Thought I'd check for possible reason before I re-shim, as I suspect it'll happen again unless properly fixed. Thanks, PF.

Larger? Thats odd as usually the gap gets tighter as the valve wears and recedes into the head. Might be the rocker or cam wearing.

Maybe carbon deposits?

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