ttr 225 sprockets

i have a 2001 ttr225 and i wanna gear it down but i can only find stock front and rear sprockets.does anyone know were i can find different sized sprockets

15/58 is stock IIRC, that's darn low. Check out XT225 sprockets, moose make a 14, so thats probably as low as you can go 14/58, i'm pretty sure they are same.

Xt225 rear sprockets won't work. The diameter of the sprocket bolts are different.

The front of course is the same.

IIRC, we had to get a Moose rear sprocket and a JT front for ours. But that's been a little while, so you might want to look at their catalog again.

Would a rear for a 230 (05-09) work on the 01 225?????

Not a chance. The 230 has a 150mm radius bolt pattern, the TT-R has a 80mm bolt pattern.

Why is the 225 a red headed step child? Can't get nut'n for it!

To be honest, the whole TT-R series doesn't have nearly the aftermarket support that the YZ, XR, etc. etc. do.

I'm not sure why. The stuff is there, you just have to find it. The front sprocket is the same as the TT-R230, the modern XT225, the TT225. Why not go down a tooth on the front?

JT sprockets has 13,14 and 15 tooth sprockets:

See how the model number is JTF555? Same as the TT-R it's an Easter egg hunt!

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