i like to know more about yz timing for wr's

i have a 2000 wr 4000 looking to modify some things.alot of riders have yz timing on their wr's. what does this do to the bikes performance?

Well, you will lose "some" (I have heard people say "alot") of the wr's low end grunt, but will gain a mid-throttle hit, and better top end.

I'd change it ASAP. It runs so much better I can't believe I waited so long. To me, I haven't lost anything down low, the mid and top end are better. I can actually ride a gear higher and use the mid range and shift less and go just as fast if not faster. In the tight stuff, I feel it helps me more than hurts.

I am at altitude so every little bit helps.

It's easy to change and it took me about 2 hours.

I did it and I like it. You just move the timing on the exhaust cam 1 tooth. Detailed directions are on motomans site. It really wakes up the mid and top end. Nice pull. Great for open trails and desert riding. I did not feel any reduced low end. If you do not like it, it is easy to change back. I have not heard of anyone changing back. It might also depend on your type of riding. If you ride mostly 1st and 2nd gear single track, it might not be for you. The bike rips with yz timing. :)

I say do it as well. I can't imagine going back. When I bought the bike in 2000 I was a little disappointed and thought it was slow compared to my 2-stroke 250. I changed the cam timing and it really woke it up. It's been all smiles ever since. No regrets.


I agree 100%, wouldn't want to ever go back. Some have, but I didn't notice any low end loss either, and can usually lug it on tight trails with no problem. Really woke my bike up too...

Dodger :)

it sounds like a done deal!i do alot of track riding though,but i do ride trails and desert with friends. now, how do i go about finding motomans site for technical info.

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