350SX Kick starter kit

Has anyone purchased the 350SX kick starter kit? If so, please state availability, cost and how much was involved in the installation. Thanks in advance...


User name Albertaguy said in a recent thread that he had ordered one, not sure if he's received it yet though. I'm also interested in the kickstart kit.


I purchased one back in Feb when I bought my bike, haven't received it yet but I did pay for it... I will keep you posted on the install when I actually receive it.

I was told one was avail. and $350 cdn by my dealer

I put my kit in the other day, not to much of a process to do it yourself really, i've never seen the insides of a bike and I managed to get it sorted (bike has not blown up yet either), I payed $450 Aussie dollars, and managed to pick it up without a wait.

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