California Tuning and how to quit it!

I just bought my first brand new vehicle, and it's a DR650SE 2011! I'm pretty happy about my purchase right now, but was told from the dealer that the reason for the popping on decel was that california regulations required a lean jet setting to be sold in california. They assured me that it in no way affected performance, but of course, how could that be true.

I just rode my friend's '09 DR650 and it has WAY more power, and everything is STOCK from Mississippi. I'm still breaking mine in, so would the break in itself inhibit the power that much (like less compression from "unbroken" rings)? Or will simply removing the california settings fix me right up?

And WHAT ARE all the California changes??

Thanks so much for the help! I'm taking off across country this summer (right after it's all broken in and modified with skid plate, luggage rack, etc).

Welcome KayGee, were abouts in CA are you from?

In the carburetor I believe the CA model (E33) and the 49 state model (E03) are the same except for the Air Fuel mixture screw. The main jet (#140) should be the same, the needle the same and the pilot jet (#42.5) are the same. To modify the A/F screw you'll probably have to drill out a brass plug to gain access. From there it is just a flat head screwdriver adjustment.

Other than that the CA (E33) model has a EVAP emission system on it. It's got probably 10ft+ of hoses running from the gas tank to the carb to the charcoal canister. You can pull the EVAP system but I don't know if you'll gain anything other than a few pounds dropped. The EVAP system may be recycling air from the tank into the carb. If so that could cause the lean popping.

Things I'd suggest you do are, get a skid plate, get a jet kit from Procycle and then a slip on exhaust with a spark arrestor.

I would go to ADV Rider ... Thumpers forum. Find the BIG DR650 thread. Six million views.

Its long, take your time. It has more info than you'll ever need about DR650's. Also, find the index thread for specific questions ... or just fire away with questions. Noobs are treated well there ... lots of good knowledge there.

My Advice?

Let the bike break in ... this will take about 700 miles to get to full compression and full power output. The DR's big piston/rings will take a while to fully seat and make full power.

You may have some stalling in the first thousand miles, once broken in, this will mostly go away. You may also have some throttle lag coming off a shut throttle. Normal. Will be reduced as miles are added. Some call this a mid range stumble.

Some very simple jetting and air box modifications can really perk up throttle response and add about 10% more power at very little cost. 10% is a lot!! PLEASE ... don't put on some noisy POS pipe. Get a GSXR 1000 Titanium can. Best option by far.

Once you sign up on ADV Rider DR thread ask about removing emissions stuff. Make sure you do it right. None of them restrict power but could be causing popping, which will also reduce as bike breaks in more.

Ride safe, get to know the bike before digging in.

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