265 jetting

I have a 2007 yz250 pc pipe shorty silencer boysen rad valve. also erric gore 265 job for pump gas. I am having jetting issues. I have 42 pilot, Stock needle rasied 1 position ( richer ) and a 188 main the bike feels perfectly jetted for alabama 300 feet above sea level. I race hard and fast. when iam in deep loam 4th geared pinned for about 15 -20 seconds and chop the throttle, when i get back on the gas the bike bogs for about 5 seconds. it feels like the carb needs to fill back up with gas before it wants to start pulling like it should. I know the carb is not out gas. So does anyone have any sugestions. i cant tell if it lean or fat. Thanks

You sound a little fat. I run a 182-185 main and clip Possition # 1 on my 265.

I have run a 188 main before in heavy sand though, try going the other way with the needle.

ok thanks i will try that

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