Want to get a pit bike but have no idea what to get

Ok so could you guys help me out on what bike to get. Brand size whatever else i need to know. I know absolutely nothing about pitbikes so every thing you guys tell me helps. Also new or used? I live in vegas and craigslist has some deals on bikes that have a ton of stuff on them. Oh ya and i eventually want to race them.:thumbsup:

Most important question is: What is your budget? We can help you narrow it down from there, because that will determine whether you're searching for a china special, a BBR race bike or something in between. There are a bunch of options to choose from no matter what your price limit is, but we'll need a starting point to help you decide what's best for you.

hows 1000-2000? to little or to much?

and any that are more midsized not extremely small like a little 50

I would jump on that Pitster X2 for 600. Pitster is pretty much THE name in pit bikes these days. Its a good product but when you do need parts the Pitster is much easier to find parts for than most other bikes.

I got one to play around on with my buddies, i didnt want a pitster or anything, i got a crf100. I was sitting between a KLX125 and a crf 100. im 200lbs an 6ft so a little 110 wouldnt cut it. Both of those bikes are good bikes, my buddy has a klx 125 an that thing is a turd, so slow! They both have a clutch, linkage, everything, not saying the others don't, im not familiar with them at all. If you wanna race i'd go with a pitster or a 110 if you like building bikes up.

Like stated before, it all depends on what your going to be doing, your size, an how much your willing to pay. I got my bike with a 120 big bore, black bbr wheels and a pipe for 700 bucks, my buddy got his bone stock klx for 700 as well.

Just remember, get something with a cheap price tag, don't have the mind set that your gonna be making money even if your bike is the cleanest thing on the planet.

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