do you guys think a 2002 yz125 swingarm will fit an '03 yz250f?

I compared part numbers and there close!

2002 yz125- 5NY-22110-00-00

2003 yz250f- 5UN-22110-00-00

think i can get away with using the yz125 swingarm? what are the differences?


Howard, check the swingarm bolt and see if that's the same part number, then check the brake caliper and the rear axle bolt. The original 01 was built off a YZ125, so some items will swap. Due dilligence in looking up............ many gains.

according to the part numbers, yes it will work.

the first 3 are the model, the middle 5 are the actually part number, next 2 the major revision and the last 2 the minor revision.

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