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XR200R top-end rebuild

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Hi Guys,

Long time reader first time poster...

A little back ground. I just picked up a 2001 XR200R. I have only rode it around the block. The bike is overall in good shape. I haven't cracked open the engine yet. I think it will be pretty good, the head looked clean when I did the valves. Compression is 150-165 dry. I have yet to wet test it. Valves are adjusted correctly and quiet. Cam chain rattle is pretty bad and I can't get the noise to adjust out. Smokes a little when hot letting off the throttle. Removed the plug to check the timing and took a shower in blow-by oil spray. Found a little aluminum in the screen. Maybe from chain rubbing? (I hope so!!!) Spark plug is carbon fouled.

So here is the definite plan:

New cam chain, guides and tensioner

Bore the cylinder

New piston and rings (possible 10.5:1)

Valve seals

Maybe some valve work if it needs it.

I understand this is not a rocketship, but I would like to make some WISE enine performance improvements. I am not willing to change the stock exhaust yet. I will put an aftermarket air filter on it, rejet it, and could possibly remove the airbox. Above all, I want reliable, durable pump gas motor.

With that in mind:

Thoughts on a "performance" cam? No I won't change valve springs.

What about piston options?

I am not looking for a miracle, maybe nothing fits my wishes. Just looking for some intelligent upgrades. I read the XR200R modification guide. Looking for more specific suggestions. Sorry for the length, just trying to answer questions before asked!

Thank you for the help.

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