Kick starting a 400S

Some time ago I put a kick starter on my 400S, but haven't been able to start it with the kicker, never had problems w/ my 1970 Triumph!!! Just can't get the DRZ to start by kicking. I would espect problems if it was hard to start w/ the electric starter, but it starts very quickly w/ it.

Is there any trick I might be missing!!!

key on,kill on,lever at the top of the stroke and kick. add choke if the bike is cold.

choke and compression stroke are the key for me, mine starts easier with a kick once its warm but I found choke helps.

Mine takes a few kicks when it's cold, but usually first kick when warm. I don't pay much attention to where in the stroke it is, but I will say it does help if you do.

yah .. with the auto decomp involved it should be real easy

no compression relief, I added the kick to it.

no compression relief, I added the kick to it.

I believe the S model has an auto de-comp. the E model has a manuel de-comp.

no compression relief, I added the kick to it.

ok ... push the kickstart down until it stops under compression , let the kickstart return to the stop .

push the kickstart down so the piston is just past compression . let the kickstart return to the top .

give a firm kick .. no throttle , correct idle .

IIRC all DRZ have the auto decomp on the OEM cam. The kick only models also have the manual decomp as well as the add on kick start kit for the E models. S and SM heads do not have the provision for adding the manual decomp milled into the head so those parts are left out when adding the kit.

Mine used to kick like butter. When I had a kicker! Wish I did again!

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