front sprocket nut torque?

Just wondering if anyone knows the proper torque for the front sprocket nut? If I tighten the nut past snug on my 07 it locks up?? any suggestions

anyone out there??? anybody:crazy:

I looked in my :thumbsup:MANUAL:confused: and it said 93 ft/lbs.

Make sure you work you're way up to that torque in a few increments.

If your saying that the sprocket wont turn if turn it past snug try flipping the sprocket over( with grooved side in)

hope this helps


thanks for the help guys. I have the grooved side of the sprocket facing in toward the case and and it still is locking up?? Is there a spacer or a washer that might be missing inside the case?


Thanks for the diagram blk/grn any reccomendations or thoughts as to what could be causing this? Everything looks ok from the outside with the sprocket off, no leaks, no shaft play, but if I tighten down the CS nut it still locks up? :banghead:I'm not sure what else can be done before it's time to split the case and inspect the inside?

Can I damage the tranny by running the CS nut just snug?


Are you saying the front sprocket will not turn after you tighten it? If so, did it turn before you removed it? If it did then you are missing something. If it did not you have much bigger problems inside the eng. or tranny. My first guess would be the spacer 92152 in the diagram above. I would guess the sprocket is jamming against the case. To verify this put a piece of paper behind the sprocket before you tighten it and see if you can remove the paper after you tighten the nut.

Actually the more I think about this it seems we are not getting all the info. or you have the wrong sprocket. The spacer is very hard to remove most of the time which tells me you didn't remove it for a basic sprocket change, or did you?

update. Thanks for all the help. The CS spacer is there and in good shape. It turned out to be the wrong sprocket even tho it was labeled 06-11:bonk:. It seems some sprocket companies make kx450 sprockets with and without the groove for the 07, the $30renthal sprocket I bought didn't have the groove and was rubbing the case. Went to a $18 pbi sprocket with the groove and what do you know, I can torque it down no problem. The sprocket that I took off the bike from the PO didn't have the groove either which made me think it was something else.

I'm going riding. Thanks for the help TT:ride:

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