Help? Confused? Burning oil or not?


I purchased a 2000 DR-Z400s my first ever dual Sport,

i am in love with it!! but when i went to install new clutch kit.

When draining the oil it literally drained a quarter of a quart,

then stopped and just started dripping.

So i got kinda mad thinking the bike burning oil, put the drain bolt back on,

and filled her up with 2 quarts.

It's been a week and 20 minutes ago i just checked again, i pulled the drain plug,

it drains out to the same amount as last time, so im thinking surely there is no way in hell the bike burned 1 1/2 quarts of oil in 1 week of hard riding.

I wobble the bike, a little more comes out, etc,

then i crank it up ( without drain plug ) and turn it off right away

and a lot of oil drains out, for about 10 seconds.

I repeated this 6-7 times and i got about 1 and half quarts out,

and could of kept going for a long time.

What confuses me is on my streetbikes when you pull the plug it all drains out right away. is it different on these bikes?

Seems like it would take 4 hours to fully drain as slow as the drips are.

Does your DR-Z Oil drain fast? Slow?

The bike it self runs perfectly fine!!

Is it burning oil? No smoke or anything from exhaust?

It sounds like you are only taking 1 bolt out? If you take off your skid plate there is another bolt and the rest of the oil should come out there.

Ther are two drain plugs, one in the bottom of the motor & one in the frame just under the exhaust.

Was unaware of the 2 drain plugs!! Thanks a lot guys!!

So im probably way overfilled now lol.

Will take skid plate off tomorrow morning and pop both plugs out.

and see what comes out.


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