Front wheel install problem!!!

I am swapping my wheels from sm to dirt for the weekend. I noticed a gap from the speedo gear housing to the fork on the speedo side? Is there supposed to be this gap? I did the procedure according to the manual but I keep ending up with this gap. With the axle nut tight I can move the speedo side fork left and right a good 3/8". What is the proper position of the speedo side fork tube on the axle. A gap or no gap?

Make sure you tighten the speedo side axle bolts (the top two bolts) and then tighten the axle nut. Lastly tighten the the rotor side axle bolts. That should close the gap.

I thought doing it that way can cause a death wobble? When the axle is thght does the axle stick out from the outside of the fork on the speedo side? I have done this swap about 5 times and have never noticed the gap. Last time my dirt tires had a wobble at about 60 mph. When I swapped back to street no issues. I have always tightned the axle nut 1st and then the pinch bolts. What is happening. Do I want to pull the fork tubes together to get rid of the gap? Or do I leave the tubes where the lie naturally and tighten pinch bolts?

So that gap isnt a big deal. Just tighten according to the manual. Let the speedo side fork tube sit where it wants on the axle and tighten the pinch bolts? I am just worry about gettin some wobble.

I've always tightend my front axle that way and have never had a wobble issue.

got a pic?there shouldnt be any gap.the last time i saw a gap like im thinking your trying to explain was because the fork tube was bent

No gap on my bike.

Maybe I'm blind but I dont see a gap. Everything looks normal

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