my new 1983 xl 600 project

[ i am hope the picture works this time. I just started to restore this old jem. I have one problem remaining and i hope someone can help. I can cruise along at half throttle with no problem but when i crack it open the bike coughs and sputters for a few seconds and then kicks in. The carbs have been cleaned and set to factory specs by a honda dealer. Thanks

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new photo i hope

sounds like a carb problem,I know,Iknow but just because it was a dealer it doesn't mean it's right. First thing to know...did they just start it and play with air screw, or did they take carbs apart and make sure jets/emultion tubes are clean.

If all is clean, make sure carbs open correctly, should be about .320 space between arm on prim. carb and arm it pushes on the seconary carb.

Just to check for lean condition, which I suspect, ride the bike and when you go to accelerate, choke it a little then hit throttle, see what happens, I'm going to guess the problem goes away.

Question...did you have this problem before you took it to them and, how long did bike sit before you started to restore?

thanks for the reply. the carb did work better before i took it in .One kick and it would start but it leaked badly. Now it takes 3 or 4 kicks but sits there and idles very nicely. I will try that lean test next time i take it out.

keep me posted,I may be able to help if you post the results of the test.

You may already do this to start it but try holding the decompressor in with full choke, key off, no throttle, kick it through 6 or 8 times. Now short kick it to find tdc let kicker up all the way,kick about one third down let kicker back up, key on, full choke, no throttle, give it a good solid kick,should go nearly every time first kick like that.

Tried your chock test today and their was no real difference so i raised the white flag and took the whole bike to the dealer. The only problem, i got the feeling they really did not want to work on it but took it anyways. I guess am either going to have to get good at turning wrenches or find a back yard mechanic who still knows abit about this older type of bike. I would still like your thoughts as to what might be wrong with the bike. It just seems strange that it starts fairly easily and idles perfectly . I can cruise around the side streets with no problem but as soons i crack the throttle it acts up. Thanks

The dealer phoned last night and said the bike was fixed so i picked it up today and when i got home it still had the same problem. I called the dealership back but since it is a long weekend up here in canada of course no mechanics available. I called another place and they were able to take it for ride so i took it to them. They said it felt like maybe the fuel was bad or it had water in it so i broiught it back home emptied the tank ,bought new fuel (priemium) and also put so gas line antifreeze in it. The bike seemed to idle a bit better but this has never been the problem. I did notice that when my friend was cracking the throttle open there was a little bit of smoke coming out and you could smell fuel.The dealer did say they took the carb apart and cleaned it but you knows. Any help would be great.

I just changed the plug and tried again. SAME RESULTS. The one thing i did notice this time was that if i pulled the choke it did not make any difference accept for one time and it did seem to accelerate alot better. Any suggestions

Tidy looking bike,,Never really been off road plainly.

Not surprised the dealer doesn't want to "deal" with it as carb problems can take up an awful lot of time and hence money to get right.

Needles or jets could be the problem.. that takes effort to sort out on XL/XR600 twin carbs.

Fly me over and I'll take a look.

Also try taking the resistor thing out of the plug cap and replacing it with a hunk of Stainless

Just tried another experiment. I took out the air filter and the bike would not run at all. Does this tell me i have a fuel shortage problem??

Just tried another experiment. I took out the air filter and the bike would not run at all. Does this tell me i have a fuel shortage problem??

Tells you it`s lean..


Those bikes come way lean from the factory, shim your needles with .020 washers

For the slow jet use a 60 with 1 1/4 turns out the the air screw and for the mains a 127 on the primary and a 120 on the secondary carb.

Also sync the carbs per manual.

You could use the 125 main that comes in the primary for the secondary carb if your running a uni or K&N filter but I've had good results with the 120 main even with an aftermarket filter.

I could get 60 miles per gal with these jetting specs riding it gentle of course..

I have jets if you need them.

Thankyou pwrpapa for those needle sizes. The only problem i have with this is that this bike did run properly before. The reason i had the carb rebuilt was that it leaked gas like crazy. The only other repair on the bike was a bad rocker.

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