3 hours For new rider in edmonton


Hello there

I just bought my first bike (used 2006 Yamaha WR450F)

so my story is that i have never rode a dirtbike before and looked everywhere i could to find a 250..... i ended up with a 450 big deal im a quick learner so i took it outside the city and rode along a burm in the ditch and fell (who called that one) anyway did not get discuraged and got back on er and kept riding im still not 100% confertable with my controls rear breaking and front breaking but i understand a little more..... ok ill shut it an get to the point i need/would like to find some trails (easy) that i can ride and get confertable on my bike around withing 1hr of edmonton if i have to please inform me if there is anything out there and also just throwing it out there but i could use a mentor to learn the ropes and i dont really have anyone to ride with anyhow ill stop talking now.

thanks for reading and please help if you can.


Bruderheim/Redwater are quite close to the city. Its mostly sand which is harder to learn on, but its much more forgiving when you fall :thumbsup:

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