Dave's mods Gasohol 2011 edition

93 XR650L

Just did half of Daves mods. Haven't started it up yet because I'm still deciding on jetting.

Bone stock exhaust, 5/32 drilled slide, K&N filter, baffle removed, 1400' elevation, GASOHOL.

The biggie is gasohol.

Any ideas on jetting and shim thickness? The gasohol really seems to screw my bike up! I just took out the stock 155/50 since it would barely run.

In addition to jetting and shim thickness, any ideas on whether to grind the screw or the tab? I kind of like the flat sticking out of the mixture screw for ease of turning.


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It will barely run with the super lean stock settings with a restrictive intake and exhaust. The ethanol in the fuel doesn't help either. I'd start with the 55/158 recommended by Dave's mods. You might need to go even richer.

Which series jets does this use? Where is the best place to order? Dennis Kirk?

21 series pilot and 13 series main?



In CT they claimed E10 and I had to go richer than 55/158.

Here in NY they claim the same but my 55/158 is working fine.

I filed the tab off the bowl, it's very nice having the tab on the screw.


I filed the tab off the bowl, it's very nice having the tab on the screw.


+1 on the filing of the tab on the bowl.

in WA we run gasahol, I run 160/55 .28 shim.. runs well, slight brown tint on the plug tip. I have fmf q4, opened up airbox, no snorkel, dave mods.

+1 on the filing of the tab on the bowl.
Originally Posted by XR650L_Dave

I filed the tab off the bowl, it's very nice having the tab on the screw.

+another on filing the bowl tab vs the screw tab. I just put the bowl tab up to the side of a bench grinder wheel, and it made a nice radiused notch that the screw tab can get past.

Tab on the screw allows for a handy reference. :thumbsup:

I filed that puppy with a small file with the carb installed. You can almost cut that pot metal with a knife.


Dave's mods complete with 158/55. Started up, ran great. Beyond great. Awesome. Went out this morning and it started with about one second of choke and idled perfect. THEN IT SHUT OFF JUST LIKE BEFORE. I almost flipped out. Now I'm stuck with a well tuned carb and the same symptoms as before. Starts quickly, shuts off like electrical but always has spark. Any ideas?

Could it have an electrical problem I don't know about?

Did it stall and restart or not restart?

When I was in CT the gasohol there made the bike run like crap! I ahd to jet richer than 55/158 to keep it from stalling at isle or when whacking it open.


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