Tune your 09 crf450 as easily as the 2010

This is something that i found very useful when tuning my 2009 crf 450. I was told about this modification that DIRTRIDER Magazine did for the 2009. It is a huge help when tuning the crf450! Here is a link: http://www.dirtrider.com/features/web_exclusive/141_0902_honda_crf450r_fuel_injection_tuning_tricks/index.html

i found that the stock location for the red plug is still hard to get at and i still had to take my seat off to be ably to get the dummy plug off and plug in the HRC PGM-FI unit. So i decided to make a sub harness that extends that wire enabling me to move it wherever i wanted. Well here goes:

1) I tried sourcing a new plastic plug, and with all my research i was completely unsuccessful. I ended up needing to go to a wrecking yard and cut out the same 4 prong plug that is used for programming from an old honda civic.


2) Next you have to either make or buy a tool to take the plastic plugs apart....here is my tool i made out of a little screwdriver.


3) Now take the wires out of the plug...this is a good time to clean it with Brakeclean or something.


4)now solder the wires together and shrink wrap over it. You could go to your local automotive honda dealer and buy the metal connectors that go inside the plastic plug and use new wire etc...but this is how i did it...


5) Now just plug the wires back into your clean plastic plugs. Just keep in mind that you are just making an extension of your red plug, so make sure you plug the wire into the right part of your "civic" plug.


6) i decided to run my wires up to the stock location for the 2010 crf450 because it seems to be a good spot for it. With this you could locate it anywhere on the bike that you feel is convenient. Now i know there are other options, like purchasing a 2010 wiring harness or cutting and extending the wires to the red plug, but this is the simplest easiest and quickest way i could come up with, and if you change your mind later it is easily reversible, just disconnect the sub-harness you made and your back to stock. Anyways, this is a picture of it installed on my bike. I have confirmed that this and the "DIRTRIDER Mod" work great and make tuning your 2009 easier.


ive been making the same thing since mid 09. i actually relocate further forward but any where is better than the stock 09 location.

i have the conenctors,pins and seals on hand. they are hard to find but i have them.

Oh and i thought i had a new idea. Where did you find those plugs? I looked everywhere and couldnt find them...i wish i knew before i made them with used plugs where to get them. thanks for the input :thumbsup:

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