Shifting problems after bike is warm! demon clutch!

I have a 2000 DRZ-400 E. My new year's resolution was, "if it ain't rainin', i'm ridin'." However lateley she's been acting up.

When my bike is cold it runs and shifts no problem. But as soon as it is warm, it acts like the clutch is out. I was sitting at a light today and everything was fine until i felt the bike start to move forward (clutch lever fully pulled back). I pressed harder on the brakes to keep it still but eventually it seemed like the clutch became fully engaged and the bike stalled. It is extremely hard to shift while sitting still and even harder to shift to first while rolling. I have had the problem for a while now. I have tried changing the oil, getting a new clutch (installed by professional), and readjusting my cable. None of these seem to have worked. Could it be a bent shift shaft? Bad forks? Bad basket?:thumbsup:

I really appreciate you taking the time to help out!

what exactly did the ' professonal change ' ?

Try a new clutch cable. You existing one may be frayed and stretching.

Pita to get into nuetral also? Sounds exactly like what my bike does when it needs adjusted

Adjust that clutch!

I watched my mechanic put in a brand new Tusk clutch kit with brand new springs and a new motion pro cable. what on the clutch needs to be adjusted?

The cable

under the black rubber piece on the clutch you can adjust the cable by turning the piece. Should have about 1cm of play at the end of the clutch lever. Maybe your cable is just 'too loose'.

that's exactly what was wrong. there was too much play in the cable when it was pulled back which was leaving the clutch mostly engaged. man that new clutch feels snappy! i've got buckets of torque i don't know what to do with. thanks for all your help guys!

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