ttr 225 wont start

seems to be pretty commen....i push button and it does nothing.....

gonna by pass the relay but wanna make sure i dont f it the lil blck box ? 2 blue/browns...and do i jump each blue to brown or ?

just put jumper cables to it ,it is the same voltage as your car, just make sure +positive to +positive -negative to -negative

the relay has 2 posts and the cables are thicker,

I'll simplify it even more, stick a screw driver between the two large terminals on the solenoid. If it doesn't engage the starter, then you've got bigger problems besides the button.

IIRC, it's blue/white to red/white that actually engages the solenoid which turns the starter, but don't quote me on that. Instead look in this thread for the manual and check the wiring diagram.

Clean your push-button switch, get all the corrosion off using a tooth brush or something similar. Also, use it. When we got our TT-R, it would engage the solenoid about 1/4th of the time. Cleaning the switch made that better. After several days of riding, it now starts 100% of the time because all the crap has been knocked off the switch's internal pieces.

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