04 YZ450D idle gear, clutch basket gear all broke

on my 04 yz450f

My idle gear for the kick starter lost 2 teeth, the small gear in the middle of the clutch basket lost one, and some other things got gauged pretty good.

No way will I spilt the cases to look for pieces. They could be anywhere.

Dont want to put bike togther and sell unless I have too.

Any suggestions, on how to fill entire motor with oil, then drain and do so like 20 times?

Or maybe run 30 secs, drain, re fill run?

magnetic oil line?>

Could the piece just brake up without harming anything?

whats the odds.

I have the whole right side cover and inner cover off so I can see into the motor, and got a nice piece out, eveyrhting else is just like shavings?

Should I flush oil lines?>

HElp me!!!

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