Reinstalled gas tank/hoses, engine she no go?

Seems like every time I start to wrench on the joy of my life (other than my wife) things get buggered up quick... I fabbed some brackets for my new Stebel and removed the gas tank (as per manual) in order to route the wiring, relay, and assorted clips, connections, and shrink tubing. Horn is a mutha! Y'all gotta get one. Pissed off 4 out of 5 neighbors.

After reinstalling the tank, reconnecting the gas line and the little hard to get to one in back of the main line she ran great... until the float bowl ran out of gas. It will start with the choke fully on but will not pull away in 1st gear; she dies. More cranking gets 5-8 seconds of run time followed by... death. Ad infinitum. Bugger!!! :thumbsup:

I'm sure that many of my fellow friends of the DRZ have had the tank on and off, and back on with zero problems... any suggestions as to where I'm screwing up? It's pretty obvious that the carb is only getting a dribble of gas. Have I inadvertently introduced a massive air embolism into the heart of my beloved :confused: What's an old man to do?

Did you try putting the petcock in the prim postion & running it?

What model/year z?...What carb?....Do any of you lines have sharp curves in them (Potenetially partially kinked on the inner side of the bend?)

Off topic: Not to change the subject, but can you please post a pic of where you mounted your stebe?...Did you seperate and relocate the compressor, or mount the unit as a whole. I've had the same one for a year, but never decided where the best spot to mount it was.

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Vent lines to tank not kinked?

vacuum line to petock attached ??

as everyone is suggesting, the vacuum line is off at one end or the other, or kinked.

Thank you all for your advice. This am I'll check out the lines and report back. While I'm about it I'll take some pics of the mounting brackets for the Stebel and post them separately, although I haven't put them to the polisher yet.

Really appreciate your input, as well as the huge fund of information traded here on the forum. Thanks again. :thumbsup:

Thanks again folks for sage advice... turns out that the Cheap Ass Clamp at tank end slightly loose so I replaced it with a Real Stainless Screw On Clamp. In fact I think it's time to replace all those crappy one time use clamps. Freakin' bean counters!

Time to go ridin'.

Will post pics of Stebel mounts after I study for *@!(+%$@@! Algebra exam. I hate Math!

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