Is WD-40 safe on bearings?

Hey guys, i like the ease of using

wd-40, so i wanted to know if it is safe on bearings

I've used it on bearings before to remove water or any moisture. Not sure if it's good for them or not, but all I know is the bearings aren't rusted.

No, it's a solvent, it will degrease your bearings.

its good to clean them, as marquez said it is a solvent. You need to use actual grease, most manuals will say to use a lithium soap grease.

oh there a special way to lubricate manual is on back order

slap whatever grease you want in there, I personally use some latex gloves, and just pack it in by hand, rolling the bearing so its all in the rollers or balls

I go with cheap grease personally, if it's a bike that'll see creek crossings a lot, consider a marine grade grease..

I use walmart $1.99 a tube stuff.... Works fine for me. I usually just use the heavy duty grease, made for heavy duty machinery, figure its more then adequate for a dirt bike :thumbsup:

consider a marine grade grease..

Go with this, even if it's not ridden in the wet too much, you still get water on it when you wash it. You don't need high dollar brand name stuff, anything that's good for boat trailer wheel bearings will work just fine.

I clean parts with wd40 alot, but always repack with plain axle grease. There is a small plastic tool that will force grease into a bearing, but is hit or miss. I do it by hand.

oh okay thanks guys

Skateboard bearings...Sure!

Dirt bike bearings....Nope.

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