questions on grinding ppwervalve for 144

I got a used pv for my bike and i did not even think about how i have a 144 and it will probably need modification. So I have never done this before but how do i know how much to grind off the pv? Does it matter how its grinded as in basic shape? My other one i see is kinda rounded or something do i need to make them identical? If i use a hand file will this take me forever? Thanks

Ok I got the pv grinding but cant tell it it needs more or not. I only had to grind one pv cause the other one was not replaced so what I want to know is will it be verY obvious when I put a piston in the cylinder if it is hitting the pv or not?

I never did neither but I think you have to grind off all material which could hit the piston.



Thanks. I think I did that but was just wondering when I dry fit it if I will be able to tell if it's hitting anything cause I read posts of people's pv hitting the piston and don't wanna mess it up

have you had the chance to see how it ws lined up on your old set up? Or do you have the possiblity to see someone elses Cylinder -PV set up? That should give you an idea how much to take of. Maybe just to be on the safe side and not being able to see someone elses cylinder take 1/3 of a mm extra could or should do no harm.

You also could give EG a call he should know.



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