new exaust,carb Q's

I have just recently purchased my first DR-Z 400S. Its a 2007, with 1600 miles on it. Im to the point where i want to go to the RS-3 Yoshi Exaust, 3x3 mod, and different carb. I have done a lot of research reading through past posts, and just want to get some idea of the best route to take. i see the FCR carb is popular, is this the best bet? I want to improve throttle response, and straighten the power band. Is there another carb that is popular, and or is there a specific model of FCR that is best. Used carb vs new? Thanks!

i will have a new FCR with fries and a thick shake PLS

FCR-MX for the win. You can get the kit from the TT store or contact Eddie at Epic Motosports. I got mine from Eddie and it came jetted for the state of tune my engine is in. Pretty much plug and play when you get it from him.

As far as used goes that can be a crap shoot. Lots of stories of people buying used ones and then struggling to get them sorted. If you know the history of a used carb and know the person selling it you have a better chance but still for the price difference between a good used one and a new one and you can afford it get the new one.

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