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CRF 250r a little "smokey"

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So i bought a 2006 CRF 250r used the other day to add to my collection of toys at home. When i bought it everything seemed awesome, ive had bikes before so I knew mostly what to look for. Chain sprockets, suspension ect the obvious stuff.

When I bought it it didn't smoke a bit when you gave it a shot of throttle, hot, cold, or otherwise. Which seemed good, knowing that my buddy's 08 KTM which was freshly rebuilt even gives a small bluish whitish puff when its cold and gets a shot of gas.

Anyway i get the bike home, ride it for a few hours dropped it once, fairly gently, and took it home. However then after changing the oil i'm noticing that the bike smokes a bit cold and it goes away as it warms up, however it is still present.

I figure it is more than likely rings (although its supposedly on a rebuild less than 20 hours old and wasn't raced), or possibly valve seals.

i have a pretty good grasp on the inner workings of four stroke motors as I have rebuilt a few motors but I'd like to hear what you guys who are more familiar with dirtbikes suggest.

there is more smoke cold than warm.

only really started after the oil change (burning off the lighter components of the 10w40 i suppose)

I changed the air filter after it was dropped, it was dry on the outside (too dry) but a little oily on the inside

it still smokes some when warm

smoke is a light blue, and smells of oil, I know its not coolant.

thanks guys

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