Fuel screw "O" ring

03 Yamaha 450F, My O ring on the fuel screw cracked and I am wondering if you guys have any leads on where to get replacements? Can I match something up at the hardware store? I live a ways from the stealership and want to get something by the weekend.



I matched something similar to that at a hardware store. worked perfectly.

just make sure you bring the o ring with you.

If you've got a local bike shop they might just have a little plastic box of those things behind the counter. I found exact matches for my lost o-ring and little washer at my local shop (Two Wheel World).

If you can find the specs, mcmaster sells 'em for pretty cheap.

There's a local shop (Rocket Seals) that specializes in O-rings, wipers, packing, pneumatics, etc. If McMaster doesn't have it, they will.

Spec'd all the o-rings for my bike and ordered a pack or two of each from McMaster. Spent about $60 on O-rings, but I'll never have to buy another $2 O-ring from the dealer ever again...

Take the cracked o-ring to any shop that specializes in o-ring maybe an automotive shop and they can match the exact size and fit.

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