A "getting started" gear list?

My List so far:

1. Bike

2. Decent Helmet

3. Decent Boots

4. Not much else

5. Truck to take my bike and my wife to the track... :confused:

So I want to go to the couple of local motocross tracks near by and ride around at a brisk, old man pace. I've done a little street bike stuff. I've ridden bikes all my life, but growing up in the country, you just got on it and rode it. You didn't "gear up" if you will. So my question is, if I want to go do laps at the track, what else do I need? Do I need the chest guard, the knee guards, elbow pads? What about a neck brace? I mean I'm injury prone, but how long am I going to be saving up for gear before I can go out and ride my bike??

Thanks for you help fellas ... and ladies if that's the case. :thumbsup:


helmet boots and gloves are a must!!! you can find cheap jerseys and pants on ebay

knee pads sure are nice.

neck braces still arnt proven to be "the cats pajamas"

Just wear what feels comfortable, you don't want an uncomfortable peice of gear to take any attention away from riding. But helment, goggles, golves, and boots are recommanded.

I would recommend all the gear you an afford.

As above, Helmet of course, boots are important, goggles to keep the dust, wind and dirt out of your eyes and gloves for preventing blisters, other than that it's optional, but I would say next priority would be knee pads, I have found them to be a must for me as I'm tall and hit my knees on the bars often.

knee pads or braces. im only 15 and i have the worst knees anyone can have from falling off, and you will fall off !

Helmet, goggles, boots, gloves, chest protector, pants are nice too, jerseys are more for looking cool, a long sleeve shirt will suffice.

^ i dont agree with that entirely. good jerseys have abit of padding in the elbows, have great airflow and moisture wicking material, plus they are cut to the shape of the attack position.

I gotta say that I won't be riding without elbow pads again. I picked up some gnarly road rash today.

My list consists of:





Knee pads

Riding pants

Chest protector

Elbow pads (used to be optional, but after today, mandatory)

1. Helmet

2. Gloves

3. boots

4. knee pads

5. elbow pads

6. Testicles for the triples


I agree with whoever said get as much as you can afford.

Good boots are a absolute must. Dont go for the cheap stuff either, get a mid range price of MX boots (I have Thor & they are great).

I will never, ever even think of riding without knee or elbow guards. You can get knee guards for $25 from your local shop, they will protect your knees (my knee was spared lots of damage but a tree because of my knee guard). The elbow guards I have are a old pair I used to use for hockey, and they work great.

Gloves you will find are of utmost importance. Keep your hands from being sweaty and slippery and the protect your from dirt and rocks from other bikes. Plus, when you crash it helps keep your hands from getting all scratched and cut.

Chest protector will help.

Also, splurge for pants and a jersey. The jersey help you stay cool and it doesnt tear like a normal long sleeve cotton shirt would. The pants are a no brainer, easy to tuck into your boots and they normally have padding built in. Plus, mine have padding for my ass, so sitting on it all day doesnt get it too sore.

Plus matching pants and jerseys make you look sweet!

Dont forget a good helmet with goggles. Goggles keep you from losing your vision, and also from your eyes being gouged out by tree branches.

6. Testicles for the triples


I've found that lack of sense usually substitutes for my lack of large testicles...


Just added some pants and a jersey to my list. Motorcycle Closeouts .com had the Axo Beater-Sub Zero Vented Pants and Jersey on closeout for $45 shipped. They don’t quite match my boots or helmet, but people are going will be in such awe of how bad I ride that hopefully they won’t notice I don’t match. :worthy:

I’ve got my eye out for a deal on the lower end EVS knee brace/pad setups.

On the chest protector/roost deflectors, those are pretty much all made to go under your shirt now days? It’s one of the items I haven’t put a lot of time into yet. I really felt like that was more for being in a race (which maybe by the end of the summer I can do some super beginner races).

Thanks for the input guys. I'm in a odd position where I've really had time to look through reviews, compare prices and be selective on what I buy. I just bought a house and had a second son a couple-three weeks back (yes both in the same week … see lack of sense). I got the Honda less than two weeks before that on an out of the blue trade that a guy offered. So I’m really itching to get out there, but at the same time I don’t have a lot of free time or money to throw out there. So the sometimes torturously slow approach seems to be paying off for me.

Thanks again Thumpers!


Some people don't like chest protectors (they're really roost deflectors, they don't help a whole lot in a crash). I just bought a Fox Proframe and i'm pretty happy with it. it's what i expected and it's only noticeable if you look down real far. Also, I can't ride without my kidney belt or i get kidney pains very quickly, but most people don't have that problem.

get everything. i won't even start my bike without boots on and it doesn't go into gear without everything sans neckbrace. i'm a trailrider btw.

Ha ha haaaaa... TT =TESTICLES for TRIPPLES...ha ha haaaaa

If I got something like the EVS G5 Ballistic Jersey, would that cover the chest/roost protector piece?

Saw one in the store yesterday and they look nice. A lot of little pieces I'd want to get, already stitched together. Looks like I might be able to find the black one for $150 or less. I'm sure 661 and others make the same kind of shirt too...


this is what you want.

1 helmet

2 neck brace(evs for 80 bucks works fine)

3chest protector

4 you dont necessarily need a jersey but pants are a must

5elbow pads

6 boots

7 knee pads if you have good knees, knee braces if they are bad.

8 gloves( i wear my mechanix gloves sometimes, if you have any grippy gloves made out of a fabric or something, they work)

i seriously got geared up with all that for $400 this year. pretty cheap

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