Should I be falling more?

Hey Guys, This may sound like a dumb question, but should I be falling more? I've never really had a bad "off" on my bike for about the year that I have been riding.Yeah I've washed out on some berms and stuff but nothing too bad. Am I not pushing myself hard enough? I want to become a better rider and It seems like I'm improving, but maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough. What do you guys think? Should I push my limits a little more, or ride just above my level and take things slow?

I don't think that falling makes you a better rider. Going faster and faster everytime improves your lap times for sure but when you fall it means that you made a mistake or that you got tired. The ideal will be to ride right before you reach that limit of yours.

Experts at the races I race in don't crash very often at all.......crashing means you do not ride well.

Don't worry man, your time will come...

Don't worry man, your time will come...

:thumbsup: Too true.

Only you know if your pushing yourself hard enough.....There is a big difference in going down from pushing it a little to far vs going down from not being in control of the bike....:thumbsup:

Don't worry man, your time will come...


Just wait til the first ICU experience. Tubes, bags, fluids...blinking lights, things that go beep in the night. A 'happy' button...oh yeah, riding above your head is all kinds of fun. :confused:

One of my favorite quotes is " is the goal of every racer to find the absolute limit. If you don't fall once in a while, you aren't trying hard enough."

The more you push yourself, the more likely you will be to fall. But hey, if I wish I'd never fall so I would complain about it if I were you. :thumbsup: As for the comment "crashing means you do not ride well.", I'm guessing/hoping that was sarcasm. Because it's hard to say the top AMA guys, Valentino Rossi, etc... do not ride well. They are just pushing the limit and every once in a while they cross that line. Just ride and have fun. Test your limits a little at a time and be safe.

I've come a long way and I hardly ever fall. I think its because I know my personal limits so well I can reach them without going beyond and crashing, I still improve each time I ride, so that limit is always getting higher.

However, am I as fast as my buddies who push harder and fall a lot more than me? No.

Do I spend less money repairing my bike? Yes.

Do I have just as much fun? Yes.

Yes you should. its not fair for the rest of us

Keep doing what you are doing and look for ways to be faster without pushing much beyond your limits. If you do decide to push yourself, be smart about it and don't do it in places that will get you seriously hurt or killed ie: big doubles and triples on the track.

There are tons of bent and broken guys out there (me included) who would love to turn back the clock and spare themselves a life-altering injury or two.

ride hard in practice, push the limits going into turns and coming out. If you are not pushing the limit then you are not getting faster very quickly. said by the professor himself, Gary bailey. i was much faster leaving his camp then i was when i went in

Yes your should my buddy crashes atleast twice every time out. Also breaking parts of your bike is a good gauge of if your riding hard enough just ask my buddy haha.

Just have fun, and don't try to improve all at once. Nobody's paying you to push harder and possibly fall more. Like others have said, you're time will come, and you won't see it until it's too late. That's what happened to me, and now my arm's in a cast. I hardly ever crash, so this one caught me by surprise.

Be careful be what you ask for......

as someone with arthritis in multiple places at 21, the non-crashing route is better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a crash, thats's the last thing I want. It just seems that people are going down more often than I am, but I don't think I'm really pushing myself to limit, mainly because I ride alone alot.

Hopefully I didn't jinx myself with this thread

I also ride alone alot and have a special "speed" for when I'm by myself. In fact, I have various speed settings:

Too fast; if I'm in a race and a friend is beating me.

Fast; if I'm in a race.

Sorta fast; if I'm with a friend who can drive me home.

Totally in control; by myself (or with my kids who don't drive).

I agree with everybody else that your time will come, and often at the most surprising times (cow-trailing, etc.).

i started riding not to long ago and was scard of falling off or hurting myself. but then once i got a little testy i have not been as scard. if you slowy move yourself and slowly try the "crazy stuff" then your all good. does that make since?

This is an interesting concept because what you "should" be doing is exactly what you enjoy, not what other people tell you is fun. If you enjoy riding, and not crashing then thats awesome keep it up. I almost wish I had that personality on a bike because there arent very many things ill back down from while riding, which results in hefty repair bills on my bike.

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