Stock bore head gasket on 1mm over cylinder?

I just ordered a bunch of parts for my rmx today from the websites store, and later on I got to tearing the engine apart in preparation for the rebuild and such. One thing I noticed was a newer aftermarket piston and looked it over, turns out to be a wiseco, nice suprise seeing as I was never aware of it, than I researched the part number 642M06800 and what I found was it was a 68mm piston, instead of a standard 67mm piston, and remembered I ordered an 89 rm 250 head gasket in stock bore size. I was wondering if this would work or if I need to get a larger one, basically what my options were, any help would be appreciated!

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You don't want the gasket hanging into the bore. If the gasket does not hang into the bore, you are probably okay. If it does, you need the larger bore gasket.

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