2010 XT250 cold engine noise by newbie...

:thumbsup: Hi there, I'm new!

I have a 2010 XT250, bought it new 6mnths ago and already passed the 6000mile(10700km) mark! Great little bike! I literally uses it for anything, as can be seen from the mileage!

Now first of all, I'm in South Africa , and we get the Japanese spec bike with a tubeless rear wheel and Bridgestone TW Battlewing-tyres. For the rest I think it's the same as the US spec bike. O yes, I think the exhaust may differ too, just a small hole at the back. Mine has been operated and opened up.

I've also added 2 holes in the air-box cover, modified a WR/YZ250 bashplate to fit, and made a aluminium rear rack; headlight protector and a rear-brake master cylinder cover. Air screw is 2 and 3/4 turns out (you don't have to drill the air-screw open on our's).

Bike starts and runs great!!! Absolutely no problems, except for the sidestand-switch - which cuts the bike in deep water. I've removed it and no further problem.

Only now with the low temps at the beginning of winter, I realises that in the mornings (when the temp is close to freezing point), the bike makes a funny screeching noise when on it's sidestand.(sounds like something that is running dry) The moment you hold the bike in an upright position the noise dissappears. When you put it back on the sidestand, the noise returns. Pulling the clutch has no effect. When the bike is hot after riding it a bit, there's no strange noises, nor during higher day tempretures.

Does anybody had a similar experience or maybe knows what it can be?


Never heard of your problem before. You might want to sign up and aks your question over at XT225+250 Rider's Group....:ride:

Try a good grade of motorcycle specific synthetic oil. Petro oil doesn't flow as well in cold temps, synthetic flows right away. Keep in mind your engine is a ball and roller bearing engine, so the oil pressure is low, something like 12-15 PSI (.83-1.03 BAR) so if the oil is somewhat thick, it may take a while to get where it is going. I run all my stuff on synthetic, I find it worth it.

Of course, it could be some sort of vacuum leak, which you can find any of a number of ways, easiest is by checking all fittings/fasteners/etc. That should be normal maintenance anyway.

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