06 RM-Z250: problems when hot

When the bike is cold, is starts und runs great! After 5 laps, when the bike is warm, is starts popping, backfiring, and eventually stops. What we already did/checked:

- all fluid levels are ok

- valve clearances are in spec

- swapped the complete electrical system from running bike (except TPS)

- carb has been cleaned and checked

Nothing helped. We will exchange the TPS soon (but I don't expect anything since the readings are in spec).

We really have no idea anymore. Who can help us?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Edited by FrankV

Problem solved: turned out to be a clogged fuel filter, which lead to not enough fuel in the fuel chamber. It only had enough at the start. Turned out the carb wasn't as well checked as stated.

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