DR-4 400 SM Exhaust/ Muffler assembly

Hiya Folks

Only had my DR-Z 400 SM a week but noticed when cleaning it recently that the exhaust bracket doesn’t appear to be secured properly.

As you can see from the pictures, the bike has an e-4 Remus (FR1N 2230) muffler but the connection to the main exhaust pipe seems to be the wrong diameter – it’s certainly not a snug fit and the clamp isn’t really clamping very much at all, even if I wind it right up.



So the question is, is this the wrong can for the bike, or could it be sleeved to fit?

Grateful of advice.

Does it have any leaks from there ?

I believe you can check the p/n on Remus web page .

Does it have any leaks from there ?

I believe you can check the p/n on Remus web page .

I've not had chance to fire the bike up today but there is a black stain on the exhaust pipecoming down from the join which looks like normal combustion water/soot mixture so yes, I'd say it is leaking back.

Just been to my local bike shop who looked up the exhaust assembly on their computer and apparently there should be a gasket in there which is definitely missing from mine so I'll feed back to the dealer.


A muffler shop should have no problem expanding the header to fit for a few dollars. Remove the system from the bike and bring it to them.

Cheers fellas, I've agreed a return to the supplying dealer to sort it.


Oh.... I thought you got it used!

No, returning it to the dealer is the right thing.

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