Newbie to ThumperTalk... Low compression in a 98 MXC 300?

Hi there. First of all, I would just like to introduce myself to ThumperTalk. I have been using the site for years as a resource, but only recently registered. Anyway, I have a quick question for those of you who may be more experienced with two strokes than I am...

I just picked up a 1998 KTM 300 MXC. Its very clean, looks like it has been taken care of, and I got a great price on it. My question is about the compression... It feels MUCH lower than my buddy's yz250. With his, you really have to stand up on the kickstart with motocross boots, otherwise your feet will not last long.

My 300, though, I can kick over with tennis shoes... And just by pushing the kick starter down by hand I can tell that it has no where near the compression of the yz250.

BUT... It starts right up (2nd or 3rd kick) even when cold, and seems to be plenty powerful (comparable to my 04 crf450).

So... What gives? Does this model have lower compression than some mx two strokes by nature? Or is time for a top end? I almost hate to do a top end when the bike feels like it is going to rip your arms off when you crack the throttle, but I could always use more power :thumbsup:. Any Ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance, Nathan

My 02 300 kicks over very easy as well, starts 2nd 3rd kick almost everytime, think that is the nature of the beast.

If you're concerned about it I'd do a compression test on it just to give yourself a base line for comparison later down the road.

Put a compression tester on it and see where you are at. 180 is good 120 bad.

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