Looking for advice on bike to choose for bareframe rebuild

Good morning from England :confused: guys, nice to be here.

A bit of history, i've just finished building (from bare frame) a kawasaki ZXR 750 (ZX7) 91.

I'm now looking for a new project in terms of a early to mid 90's (possibly late 80's) dual sport.

I'm looking at Jap 4 stroke single, (preferably aircooled but not an absolute requirement) and engine size around 250cc to 400cc ideally.

I've looked at KLR 250, DR 2/350, XL250.

Spares backup(wether new or second user) need to be plentiful

Can you lend any advice on what would be a good bike to start a ground up rebuild on ? It would be nice if I could get a DR250 frame for instance and find that a 350 engine can be dropped in on the way.

All the best froma accross the pond :thumbsup:

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