XR 250 or 400

OK, I know I searched and there was some posts on this, but I want your opinion for myself. I have a 98 XR250 that has some enigne issues since it was flooded at my Dad's place and the bike got water in the cylinder. I have not rode the bike in 10 years but want to start again. Last year I got a WR450 and it seems a little too much for the tight trails I ride on, so I was wondering if you guys think a XR 400 would be better for me or just rebuild the 250 and ride it. Either way I will probably keep the 250 and fix it up but I want a bike for me. I'm 6' tall and weigh 230lbs, ride mostly trails, no tracks around here for me. I'm going to be getting a 700 Raptor for the dunes so I wont need a bike for that either. So what do you think? Thanks for your comments!

Does rebuilding the 250 with performance mods sound good to you? That's just what I would do probably. Keep your eyes peeled for other bikes on craigslist anyway though. You could get a real steal! I did. Practically got a perfect plated xr250r with built out engine for pretty much $600. "practically" and "pretty much" because it required a good cleaning.

Ya, I will probably rebuild the 250 with some upgrades like a 280 kit, but was not sure if my size would make it better to have a 400. I found a 2002 on craiglist for 2500 looked brand new, guy said it still had origional tire on it and there was very little noicable tread loss. I'm not really hard up for money and it would be nice to have a "friend bike" is also the other reason I was looking at getting a 400.

400's are great bikes, and if you find a good deal and have the money why not buy one and build your 250? :thumbsup:

GET A 400!!! I bought my xr400 a few months ago and I never get tired of feeling the power. What a huge difference from a xr 200. I feel that blowing a ton of money to mod up your 250 is a waste of time, you will lose some low end torque and gain maybe 2 horsepower for all your time and money.

There's no replacement for displacement!!!!! Even the stock 400 is a rippin torque monster that really needs nothing but richer jets when bought. I say buy a 400!!! I would look for a stock one, not one that is all modded up and messed with!!!

Well thats just not true our xr300s will blow the doors off a stock xr4.They have low end like a tractor.They also last.I would say for hard single track I take my xr300 over my xr440.Also for hill climbs our xr300s will out climb even my 440.Also your right about Wr450,my 07 too much power on single track.On more wide open stuff I like the 440-or wr450 way better then the xr250.

I've owned and ridden both and am a big fan of the XR in general.

If I had to pick one, I'd choose a well kitted out dualsport xr250 over a similarly setup xr400. I just liked the trail manners and handling of the xr250 more, and the six speed tranny is nice too.

Never tried one, but suspect the xr300 option would be trail perfection.


Thanks guys, I've been thinking the same as most of you said, I already own the 250 so might as well keep it as a project and maybe tweek it some for a "friends" bike. Then buy a 400 for me and play with it too!

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