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going to gt my first drz-sm sunday what should i look for

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like the title says...Ive never owned a drz and im just curious what i should check and inspect before i buy it..Its an 06 with 9xxx miles no motor mods...

I used to own a ltz400 quad so im familiar with the engine...I know a few years back that the water pumps (on the quads at least) were having water pump failures due to being magniesium or something like that. Is this the same with the drz?

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Sounds like you know a thing or two but this is my favorite list.

I believe this was written by HCK or some name like that. Sorry if miss-credited.


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I guess this goes for any used bike.

Dirty air filter, coolant and oil.*

Leaking, very soft or bent forks.*

Have a friend or seller ride toward you, crouch and look straight at front tire. Also look for front and rear tires tracking the same line. If off frame,forks or triples could be bent.

Bent radiators.

Bent subframe, look from the back of the bike while crouched.

Bent rims, lift bike and spin tires watching rim edge closely.

Stretched or freyed cables, is the adjuster all the way out?

brake pads thin?

Difficult to cold start. Tell seller NOT to warm it up before you arrive.

Black sooty or brown burnt looking spark plug.

Shifts through all the egars smoothly

Nuetral difficult to find

Creeps forward with clutch pulled in

Uneven tire wear, more one side than the other is not good. Center only is ok.

Idle speed set really high? Could be a bitch to cold start if so.

Rattling timing chain, clicking valves.

Blue or black smoke from muffler. Some white is normal during warm up.

If it has brand spanking new plastics ask to see the old ones. Might be covering a crash.

Same goes for new levers or turn signals; espcially if they are on one side only.

Severe sprocket and chain wear is a typical sign of poor service.

Badly dented skid plates are signs of hard off road use.

Bring a flashlight and don't be afriad to really get in there and look at everything. If you can't see what you want ask seller to remove some of the plastics.

Some repairs are always needed. Simple things like brake pads, tires and chains are no biggie. Clutches, engine noise and blown suspension are a lot more money.

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look inside the gas tank too. also check the dipstick for oil color, viscosity and smell. If it smells like gas you need to repair the petcock. I recently bought an 05 mostly the same conditions you stated above and I had a leaky petcock. not a big deal, just have to make sure you get it fixed and change the oil. I would definitely check all of the above. Your main focus should be the big stuff, like frame, subframe, a properly running engine, good gearbox and clutch, and make sure all the components are in working order. everything else is fixable. You'll prob en up modding the hell out of it. its a desease around here.... :confused:

also once you get it, get yourself a oil change kit from the TT store so that you know everything is new (o-rings and such). It'll give you piece of mind. Also replace coolant, do all the fixes/preventive maintenance listed here on the FAQ's page and you'll have an awesome running drz. oh and if I where you I would do 3x3+rejet as well. :thumbsup:

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